This team planning workshop involves your people in the development of the operational plan

Team Planning Workshop (Charter on One Page)

In successful organisations, the leadership defines their vision for the future, identifies their organisation’s goals and objectives and then cascades the strategic plan down.

Cascading the strategic plan to the operational level is important to give team members an opportunity to understand, interpret and apply their ideas to it, in order to move goals and priorities forward.

If a team is not engaged in this process, then you will not gain buy-in from the people who make the plan come to life. Team members will lack the same degree of understanding and will feel that the plan has been inflicted on them.

How this workshop helps

This is an image of birds flying north as a team (team planning workshop)

Having a team workshop to define how to deliver key organisational objectives and goals can make a fundamental difference to the successful delivery of your plan. Involving people in a plan’s development provides several benefits including:

  • Clarity on ‘how’ the plan will be achieved
  • Increased buy-in and engagement levels, and
  • An ability to connect their work to your organisation’s goals.

Central to the development of this product is the Team Charter on One Page – a living document that serves to guide your team and its project. Developed in the workshop, the framework clarifies team direction, while also establishing the overall purpose, priorities, activities, roles and responsibilities for success.

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