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Damien has worked with AIM since 2012. He is one of our most popular facilitators and receives great feedback. A naturally talented communicator with a genuine interest in people, Damien is intuitive and flexible in his work. He reads the room and, through his natural empathy, ensures every voice in the room is heard.

Highly knowledgeable in facilitation theory and tools, Damien is a leader in the industry. He can work equally with the public or private sector, with large or small groups, with leaders or at any level of management. Over the last decade or more, he has delivered a wide range of leadership and management workshops for Corporates and NGOs, as well as Government.

Khushbu Kumari, Customer Experience & Operations Team Leader - Australian Institute of Management
ACL Industrial Technology Team Building Day

Following recent business growth and expansion, we wanted to bring together our three regional offices and cross-functional teams for a Team Building day. So I reached out to Damien for an Extended DISC workshop to stimulate greater team collaboration.

The workshop aimed to increase awareness of each person’s communication preferences and the strengths they bring to the team in order to enhance team understanding, communication and co-operation.

This project provided some light-bulb moments across the room.  Our team came away with greater awareness and understanding. This included why clashes sometimes occur and how to manage these. The project has helped shape us into who we want to be in the future, and has got us thinking on how to get there.

Damien is an experienced and professional facilitator who follows a structured process. His positivity ensured a rewarding session and he did a good job moving the team around and keeping it fresh.

Vern Reoch, General Manager, ACL Industrial Technology.
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Logo

Edmonds Facilitation assisted our team with a Team Planning Exercise to develop its overarching operational plan for the year ahead.

Over several weeks, Edmonds used workshops and one-on-one discussions to help us develop a clear roadmap including framework and agreement of the key initiatives required to support CCV deliver on its goals for the next 12 months.

A key output was the fact that we were able to define available resources to support implementation of the plan and respective roles and responsibilities.

Kristyna Dillon, Acting Director, Community Capability and Volunteerism, Emergency Management and Community Capability, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a Team Building Workshop organised by Edmonds Facilitation in collaboration with our Sales & Events Team. This workshop centered around Extended DISC and involved our Planning and Sales teams. I must say that the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

The Team Building Workshop itself was a revelation. Extended DISC was expertly incorporated into the program, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our colleagues. The facilitator was knowledgeable and skilled in guiding us through the assessment process and helping us interpret the results effectively. It was enlightening to see how our different personality styles could be harnessed to improve team dynamics and overall performance.

By the end of the workshop, our Sales & Events Team felt more united and motivated than ever before. The insights gained through Extended DISC have already had a positive impact on our teamwork and customer interactions. I cannot recommend Edmonds Facilitation enough for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping teams grow and succeed. Thank you for an outstanding experience!

Jessie Newell, Director of Sales and Events - Victoria Park (Brisbane)

Damien facilitated two workshops to bring our sales team together. The workshops included fun and well-structured exercises to build group awareness and collaboration around customer understanding, nurturing sales leads, and effective communication. The workshops ticked all the boxes and I’m extremely satisfied with the benefits achieved.

Michael Graham, Commercial Director and Market Lead - NOVA Entertainment
Edmonds ARUP

With Damien’s support we brought together our interstate team to develop and clarify our business purpose and direction. Damien facilitated a series of exercises including virtual meetings to build greater understanding of team relationships and how these impact project delivery. I recommend Damien as a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator who energises and engages team members, enhancing team rapport for improved performance.

Joyanne Manning, Waste Management Lead - Arup
Edmonds Laing O'Rourke

Damien facilitated a strategic planning exercise and brought together members from three separate teams to clarify the actions, behaviours and responsibilities for successful project outcomes. Damien was able to lead our people towards agreed objectives. He applied a range of techniques to foster collaboration and make discussions effective. As a skilled communicator, I thoroughly recommend Damien‘s services in designing and delivering engaging and results-focused workshops.

Paul O’Carroll, Project Director - Laing O’Rourke
Edmonds Laing O'Rourke

Damien facilitated a one-day alignment workshop for one of our project teams in Queensland. The workshop was a fantastic opportunity to bring our people together and focus on the absolute alignment of our team. An outcome of the workshop was a draft project charter that crystallised our purpose, our desired outcomes, how we make decisions and the ground rules for being part of the team.

James Foreman, Project Director - Laing O’Rourke
edmonds Leigh Place

Damien facilitated an off-site workshop involving my whole management team. Over the course of a day, he ran us through our paces to discuss our unique philosophy of care. The various customer-orientated sessions helped me to gain buy-in towards implementing a strategic-plan which had been approved by Leigh Place’s board. I thoroughly recommend Damien as an engaging facilitator for the aged care sector.

Joe Azzi, Chief Executive Officer - Leigh Place
Edmonds Hayes Family Wines

Damien facilitated two workshops for our team at Hayes Wines at a time when we needed to build consensus about our brand and its appeal to the Barossa – and wider Australian- markets. Damien is a talented communicator. These sessions were valuable to us and what came out of them has guided key business decisions.

Brett Hayes, Proprietor - Hayes Family Wines
Edmonds BRASS

From 2018- 2020, Damien Edmonds facilitated an annual team engagement and planning workshop. Our organisation was dealing with rapid business growth and the workshops brought team members together to develop corporate ambitions and team understanding. The workshops addressed what was working well, areas to improve, and actions to take forward. They strengthened team collaboration and addressed the required behaviours to deliver our customer promise.

Jo Allison-Schouw, Services Manager - Bribie Respite and Support Services.