This Program fosters collaboration and enhances the performance and productivity of sales teams

Sales Performance Accelerator Program

Sales is a critical function of most businesses. Yet it’s challenging. It’s a high-pressure field which relies heavily on the effectiveness of your sales people and their sustained engagement and resilience.

Additionally, external factors such as economic downturns, heightened competition or shifts in consumer behaviour can make sales goals harder to achieve, potentially leading to frustration and demotivation among sales people.

To stay competitive, it’s important sales people are given opportunities to enhance skills and stay current contributing to potential growth.

How this workshop helps

This is a photo of a team's hands, with a lightbulb in each hand.

The Program fosters collaboration and aims to enhance the performance and productivity of sales teams.

It includes a series of three workshop modules with a focus on

  • understanding different communication styles and techniques including
    • pitching successfully
    • approaching and nurturing sales leads
    • developing selling skills by communicating well
    • encouraging team connection to drive momentum.
  • the FinxS Sales Competence Assessment which serves to
    • identify strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales dimensions
    • measure attitudes of each person and provide explicit and tangible information to plot a path to higher sales success for each sales person.

The Program is designed for sales managers wanting to build a confident and effective team.

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