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What’s your employee turnover rate?

Lately, several media outlets have been reporting on increasingly high staff turnover in Australia. An turnover rate higher than 20% is a sign that something is likely wrong with your work environment – yet a 2023 AHRI report (see image below) reveals one in five Australian organisations experienced annual turnover of 20% and above in FY 2022–23.

This image shows Australian employee turnover rates and how to improve them

Supporting this alarming trend, a recent Bastian survey of 1300 employers and employees in Australia and New Zealand found 78% of respondents had reported a higher turnover rate in the previous 12 months (2022–23) and 61% expected this to continue in the year to come.

It’s fair to say that workplaces are changing…

  • People returning to the office post-pandemic feel differently about it, seeking to be more visible, appreciated and engaged;
  • Employees’ mental health and work-life balance are more prominent concerns;
  • Employers are upskilling – to upskill their staff for increasing digitisation;
  • Budgets are under pressure, with a focus on revenue generation;
  • Staff retention is a challenge across the board; and
  • Organisations need teams that can pull together in the face of intense change.

If you are looking to transform working relationships, team cohesion and performance – and ultimately retain more of your workforce long-term – you may want to consider our Team Building Workshop, using Extended DISC®. This workshop is ideal to:

  • bring together and build rapport in new teams;
  • establish new leadership and help leadership learn established team dynamics; and
  • build trust and improve working relationships in established teams experiencing stress or conflict.

Within a team, simply understanding one another’s qualities and quirks helps us communicate and cooperate more effectively. During this half-day workshop, we use the Extended DISC® tool to help leaders and their teams work better together by:

  • Understanding their own behavioural style;
  • Recognising and appreciate others’ styles; and
  • Working through strategies to improve their interactions with others.

Working with, not against the dynamics and personalities of your team can go a long way to addressing the factors that lead to high staff-turnover rates. Employees who feel supported, valued and heard by their leaders and peers are more likely to feel engaged and purposeful in their work – and much less likely to go looking for greener pastures.

If you are curious about the how this workshop might support, build and retain your increasingly diverse team, please get in touch.

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Edmonds Facilitation exists to empower leaders and their teams to work better together. Our professional workshop and facilitation services support teams to realise their potential through improved collaboration, creative problem-solving and commitment to shared goals.

EF Director Damien Edmonds has a clear passion for communication. He brings 25 years of expertise – along with his extensive toolkit of tried-and-true facilitation techniques – to team workshops and discussions. If your organisation is managing change, uncertainty, growth – or just needs a creative shakeup – get in touch with Damien for a chat.

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