Extended DISC® Assessments and Consulting

What is Extended DISC®?

Unlock the power of behavioural analysis
for professional growth

Extended DISC® is a reliable behavioural assessment tool providing depth of insight into individual behaviours, communication styles and work preferences.

By understanding these factors, individuals can make informed decisions, enhance their self-awareness and improve their interactions with others. By transforming working relationships, team cohesion and performance are improved.

If you are looking to improve team dynamics at work. Extended DISC® is the key to unlocking hidden potential and achieving even more success.

Extended DISC Consulting and Assessment styles

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Why choose Edmonds Facilitation?

Effective teams read and understand each other.

Sometimes an individual’s ability to succeed in a professional role is about more than just their technical skill. Very often their behavioural style can have a significant effect. How do they prefer to think, to relate to others, to make decisions? These preferences are all the more important when individuals with different styles need to work together.

Extended DISC® behavioural analysis can help people understand themselves and each other. It’s  an easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues, quickly solve problems and improve team communication and co-operation. Individuals can adapt their own style to get the best from their working relationships – be more productive and satisfied and waste less time and energy in misunderstandings.

What can Edmonds Facilitation offer you?

Personalised Assessments: As Extended DISC® consultants, we provide assessments tailored to your uniquely specific needs. By analysing an individual’s behavioural preferences, strengths and areas for development, we provide a comprehensive personalised report that offers valuable insights into their unique personality.

Actionable Strategies: Armed with this knowledge, we can work closely with you to develop personalised strategies and action plans. This will help you to leverage your strengths, improve communication skills and confidently navigate issues.

Team Building Workshop: This team building workshop motivates teams to work towards high performance and cohesion. Using a group-assessment, it equips teams with skills to become more successful:

  • Discover and understand their own personal behavioural style
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence
  • Recognise and appreciate others’ styles
  • Develop strategies to adjust their style and improve their interactions with others.

Ongoing Support: Edmonds Facilitation is committed to your long-term business success. As an Extended DISC® consultancy, we provide ongoing support and guidance to our clients, ensuring you stay on track to achieving your professional goals.

Take your first step towards an improved future!

Work with Damien Edmonds, an Extended DISC® Consultant empowering leaders and their teams through behavioural analysis.

To learn more about Edmonds Facilitation’s services, schedule a free consultation by email: damien@edmondsfacilitation.com.au, or call directly 0447 147 788.

Unlock your team’s true potential with Extended DISC®.