How to Create a Powerful Vision Workshop



How to Create a Powerful Vision Workshop – Half Day


To unify your team around a powerful vision.

What it is:

Simply put, a vision is the ultimate goal – where we hope to see something in the future. For professional teams, a vision provides a vivid picture of the team’s values and objectives. By outlining what the team is trying to achieve, all of the stakeholders can work together in a common direction. By outlining the collective objectives and values, team visions motivate and unify everyone to be their best.

Course summary:

The How to Create a Powerful Vision workshop brings together WHO your organisation is, including your team’s Purpose, Culture and Strategy. Using The Zone® Tools it equips teams to become more successful by:

  • Discovering your team’s values, purpose, and vision
  • Creating strategies to live by them and to unify your people.
  • Learning how to inspire.

Course Outcomes:

  • Create clarity on where your team is going
  • Team alignment on what success looks like and how to achieve it.
  • Better and more agile decision-making, uptake and delivery.
  • Successfully integrate new teams and eliminate silos.
  • Embrace conflict and diverse perspectives as tools for creativity and innovation.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for team managers wanting to:

  • Bring together their teams together to work towards a unified future
  • Establish new leadership
  • Lead with an inspiring vision

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