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We’re passionate about helping leaders and their teams to work better together.

Effective teamwork is hard. Day-to-day pressures mean team challenges are often brushed aside. Perceived divisions and unclear goals decrease commitment, innovation and performance.

Just-in-time training typically involves individuals being sent away to develop their skills. However, professional teams can also benefit from group learning and development programs, much like a sporting team.

Team communication workshops (inhouse) involve learning and development for teams to work more collaboratively together.

Team communication workshops also help to unlock your business’s greatest asset – your people. According to CSIRO’s Megatrends (2022), there’s a drive towards developing the human dimension – a strong consumer and citizen push for decision makers to consider trust, transparency, fairness and environmental and social governance. While Australia saw a record level increase in public trust in institutions during the pandemic, this ‘trust bubble’ has since burst, with societal trust in business dropping by 7.9% and trust in government declining by 14.8% from 2020-21.

Edmonds Facilitation brings internal teams together around their customers and communities, providing a greater sense of purpose and collaboration.

  • By bringing a team together around creative problem solving, we strengthen connections, break down silos and develop shared areas of agreement.
  • Our expertise enables us to deliver a better result; one that is created and understood by all the team.
  • With a background in marketing and sales, we focus on the customer voice.
  • We apply a unique communication style that inspires businesses to orientate around their customer.
  • Our independent expertise and structured process offers an opportunity to shake things up. We encourage new perspectives and understanding with a focus on shared goals and direction.

Edmonds Facilitation has a number of inhouse team communication workshops ready to go, including:

  • Assertiveness communication and resolving difficult conversations
  • Change communication
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Influence, negotiation and persuasion
  • Presentation and public speaking
  • Team Building Workshop (using Extended DISC®)
  • Team Planning Workshop (Charter on 1 page)

Our inhouse communication training programs typically involve building rapport, strengthening team relationships, trust and personal understanding, as well as opportunities for team members to effectively influence behavioural and business outcomes for ongoing growth and development.

 Information ≠ Knowledge

This is a diagram of how data transfers into information, knowledge and wisdom

Today, leaders don’t have all the answers. Whilst we do have terabytes of DATA and INFORMATION available through our digital devices, this information is individualised.

It can only become KNOWLEDGE when we come together to compare and contrast. And for this to happen, we also need to navigate silos and fiefdoms – areas where people haven’t needed or wanted to share their information. Over time, this shared knowledge becomes WISDOM.

And facilitation helps to empower a team to be more effective and focused with an emphasis on open communication and trust. By coming face-to-face with your team, you can see and hear firsthand how other people interpret what we say and reveal.

For more information on team communication workshops, please get in touch.