Better Teams Workshop



Better Teams Workshop – Half Day


This workshop motivates school teams to work towards high performance and cohesion.

What it is

Sometimes an individual’s ability to succeed in a professional role is about more than just their technical skill. Very often their behavioural style can have a significant effect on their success. How do they prefer to think, to relate to others, to make decisions? These preferences are all the more important when individuals with different styles need to work together.

Behavioural analysis can help people understand themselves and each other. Where necessary, participants learn to adapt their own style to get the best from their working relationships – be more productive and satisfied and waste less time and energy in misunderstandings.

Course summary

Using the psychometric behavioural profiling tool Extended DISC® provides a framework for understanding human behaviour. By better understanding ourselves and others in the team we can improve how we relate with each other and work better together. Extended DISC profiling is an easy-to-use structure to understand complex issues, quickly solve problems and improve team communication and co-operation.

Course outcomes

The Better Teams Workshop with Extended DISC® equips a school’s team with the skills to become more successful:

  • Discover and understand their own personal behavioural style
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence
  • Recognise and appreciate the different styles in others
  • Develop strategies to adjust their style, and to improve interactions with others.

Who is it for?

This workshop is recommended for school teams wanting to:

  • Establish new leadership – understand personalities and team dynamics
  • Rebuild trust amongst established teams experiencing stress and conflict
  • Bring together and build rapport for new or developing teams.

NB. Extended DISC® survey needs to be completed by all participants three weeks prior to workshop to allow for reports to be printed and analysed.

The Leading Collaboration Program includes the following workshops:

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