Facilitation Skills for Teaching Professionals Workshop



Facilitation Skills for Teaching Professionals workshop – One Day


This workshop equips teachers with the tools and frameworks to become more successful in student engagement and applied, participatory learning techniques.

What it is

Teaching is more than transferring knowledge from one mind into another. A teacher’s role is to spark initiative in the student to drive their own learning. Our role as teachers is to facilitate engagement, exploration, critical thinking and curiosity — so that students lead the way to their own independent understanding.

Using facilitation in education settings means focussing on practices that improve the class or group’s collective energy — in engagement, collaboration and debate — to support individual learning. What you are teaching certainly counts, but it’s how you teach that will define what your students or workshop participants actually take away. Their active participation will lead to sharper skills, deeper understanding and an attitude of lifelong learning.

Course summary

This experiential workshop will give participants the tools, skills, and confidence to facilitate any group activity:

  • Discover the power of silence, powerful listening, and powerful questioning
  • Discover your own facilitative teaching style through practice, coaching and feedback from your peers.
  • Learn by doing in this experiential learning program.

 Course outcomes

  • Practice a range of interventions, processes, and techniques to
    • increase engagement, participation and independent learning
    • prevent difficult classroom dynamics
    • design memorable lesson plans
  • Create a safe and empowering group culture.
  • Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours and handle conflict effectively.
  • Increased emotional competence and confidence to role-model social engagement techniques.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for teachers wanting to:

  • Feel more confident in facilitating conversations and exploring content without knowing where this might lead.
  • Learn engagement techniques that will make learning more applied and participatory.
  • Learn how to access the knowledge in the room and how to help their students to build on what they already know.
  • Understand more about how to read and shift energy in the room.

The Leading Collaboration Program includes the following workshops:

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