How to Handle Difficult Conversations



How to Handle Difficult Conversations – One Day

What it is

As a teacher, from time to time, you will need to initiate a difficult conversation with a parent about their child’s academic, behavioural or social progress. These conversations are essential for building trust and supporting the child’s long-term learning, but they can be challenging. With confidence and a toolkit of techniques, teachers can facilitate productive relationships with parents and students.


To gain tools and skills to facilitate difficult conversations.

Course summary

This How to Handle Difficult Conversations workshop sets out how to lead difficult conversations in a complex and challenging teaching environment. This workshop has been designed for teachers (and aides) seeking to better align their communications with better outcomes (and progress) in line with school goals.

Course outcomes

  • Gain confidence with techniques to help manage productive disagreement.
  • Bring your team together, and lead in a complex and challenging environment.
  • Enable awareness and understanding of vulnerabilities for improved relationships.
  • Gain confidence working through an emotional charge that occurs with difficult conversations.
  • Improve your questioning and listening.
  • Improve your confidence and assertive speaking.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for leaders and teachers wanting:

  • More emotional competence to facilitate challenging conversations.
  • Tools and skills to communicate in a variety of different communication styles.
  • Reframing conflict and storming as necessary for team development, and a healthy part of collaboration.

The Leading Collaboration Program includes the following workshops:

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