Conflict Resolution



Conflict Resolution – One Day

What it is

Every school community will experience conflict – or the potential for it. Emotions can run high on a range of issues. The challenge for school leaders and teachers is to find flexible, constructive ways of managing conflict, so that those involved are empowered to grow from the experience.


This workshop leads participants through the resolution of conflict – gaining understanding, confidence and skills in how to effectively manage and resolve conflict before it escalates.

Course summary

This workshop equips staff with the tools and frameworks to handle conflict in an empowering way:

  • Conflict resolution techniques that work.
  • Skills to deal with disagreements.
  • Reframing conflict.

Course outcomes

  • Learning about different communication styles and how to communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Understanding conflict is a necessary step to perform well.
  • Skill building on how to lead conflict resolution processes.
  • Understanding the difference between conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Creating alignment conversations around goals.
  • Create regular communication channels that work ie Meeting Cadence.
  • Learning how to tackle any elephants in the room

Who is it for?

It is recommended for leaders and teachers wanting to:

  • Understand different conflict models.
  • Learn a variety of conflict resolution processes that they can use with ease.
  • Gain confidence in addressing conflict early and in a light way.
  • Learning how to hold space and create safety and trust to resolve conflict in groups and with individuals.

The Leading Collaboration Program includes the following workshops:

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