The Leading Collaboration Program brings teams together, building trust and team morale, and sharing problem-solving skills.

Leading Collaboration Program: Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training

Designed and delivered specifically for the Queensland Department of Education, this Program supports school leaders to create a successful learning environment, influencing a school’s direction and vision through positive communication and collaboration.

The day-to-day challenges of running a school can impede goals and make leaders’ and teachers’ jobs feel overwhelming.

profession learning for teachersThe management pressures experienced by schools today include:

  • The daily grind; an increasing workload can get in the way of schools making clear their purpose, building unity or putting important, longer-term goals into action.
  • A lack of time for communication, which can cause misunderstanding, distrust or conflict and prevent efficient operation.
  • The requirement to improve student performance across more diverse populations.
  • An increased need to communicate with parents of students who may not be receiving adequate support outside the classroom.
  • A pressure on teachers to provide emotional as well as academic support.

How this program helps

Developing interpersonal (people) skills and building morale and engagement among staff help school leaders improve performance. Taking time out to support and invest in team building skills and strengthen purpose is proven to lead to more engaged staff, increased trust and a more collaborative group effort.

The Leading Collaboration Program includes the following workshops:

The Standard Offer Arrangement (SOA QED106598 for the Professional Development Training for Staff) is a result of a tender process, conducted through the Department of Education’s Procurement and Facilities Services. Products available on this SOA have been evaluated as value for money and Edmonds Facilitation has been awarded Approved Supplier Status.

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